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Uniforms & Appearance Code

Uniforms & Appearance Code

Helias Catholic’s Appearance Code, included in the Student/Family Handbook, specifies the apparel that students may wear to school. All uniform items are available to purchase online through Helias Catholic’s approved vendors, with the exception of khaki pants, shoes and belts.

Helias Catholic High School Uniform Store

Helias Catholic branded uniform items including short-sleeve and long-sleeve polo shirts, oxford shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts must be ordered online through local vendor Midwest Advertising, which will deliver completed orders to Helias Catholic to pick up during school hours.

Click here to visit Midwest Advertising’s Helias Catholic High School Uniform Store.

To contact Midwest Advertising about a uniform order, please call 573-634-2511 or email

Girls’ Skirts

Helias Catholic uniform-approved girls’ plaid skirts must be ordered online through Schoolbelles, which will ship orders directly to your home. Helias Catholic’s school code is S2843.

Two skirt styles are available for Helias Catholic: the Wrap Around Kilt Skirt (style #3525) and the Side Pleat Skort with Knit Shorts (style #3533).

Please consult the appropriate Schoolbelles sizing charts, linked above, to determine which size to order.

Modesty shorts must be worn underneath the wrap-around skirt; Schoolbelles offers modesty shorts for purchase, or students may purchase their own modesty shorts following the guidelines in the Helias Catholic Appearance Code.