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Academic Coaching

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Academic Coaching

The St. Pope John Paul II Student Success Center provides academic coaching to students who require extra support.

Helias Catholic’s academic coaching program is designed to support students on a path toward academic success and to empower students to take action before difficulties with coursework negatively impact their academic status. Academic coaches proactively monitor students’ academic standing and collaborate with teachers to identify and address any potential challenges. 

Academic coaches work with a variety of students, including those who struggle academically but do not have an educational diagnosis that affects learning and those who need help catching up after a period of absence. Academic coaching services may include regular check-ins, developing effective learning strategies, and facilitating consistent communication between students, teachers, and parents.

Jon DeShaGarrett Wiggans

The Student Success Center includes two full-time academic coaches: Mr. Jon DeSha and Mr. Garrett Wiggans.

To request information about working with an academic coach, please contact Mrs. Elizabeth Twyman, director of the Student Success Center.