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ParentSquare Communications

Spirit of Excellence


Helias Catholic uses ParentSquare (for parents) and StudentSquare (for students) as a centralized platform for school notifications.

ParentSquare allows families to:

  • Receive mass notifications from the school via email, text message, and/or mobile app notification.
  • Choose to receive information instantly when it’s sent out or all at once in a single “digest” message at 6 p.m. daily. (Any urgent alerts will be sent to all users immediately)
  • Receive announcements relevant to certain groups, such as grade levels or specific classes.
  • Conveniently sign forms electronically rather than on paper.

Students and families can also access school information using the free StudentSquare and ParentSquare mobile apps for Apple iOS or Android devices.

A ParentSquare account is automatically generated for each parent/guardian using the contact information provided in FACTS, and updates to contact information made in FACTS automatically update in ParentSquare.

Parents who have not activated their ParentSquare account, who have questions about using ParentSquare, or who are not currently receiving school notifications via email and/or text message should contact Helias Catholic Director of Communications and Admissions Mrs. Rebecca Martin.