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The Accommodations Department offers specialized academic support for students who have an educational or medical diagnosis that adversely affects their progress in the academic setting.

The accommodations program assists students in the areas specific to their diagnosis, as well as equips them with self-advocacy, organizational, time management, and study skills.

Elizabeth TwymanRachel Lutz

Mrs. Elizabeth Twyman, director of the Student Success Center, Mrs. Rachel Lutz, Helias Catholic’s special education teacher, and the accommodations team work closely with students to implement strategies that maximize their learning experience in the classroom.



To request accommodations services:

All psycho-educational evaluations, medical documentation and documentation supporting the need for accommodations must be submitted during time of enrollment.

Medical and educational diagnoses must be impacting the student’s success in academic courses in order to qualify for accommodations.

Documentation required:

  • Current IEP/Service Plan or Accommodation Plan currently in place at school or through a public school district. This documentation should include the most recent evaluation and results used to determine diagnosis as well as listing recommended accommodations currently in place.

  • Relevant and updated medical diagnosis from a medical professional or psychological evaluator (e.g., ADHD, ADD, auditory processing, tourettes, speech/language, diabetes, etc.).

    • The diagnosis must have been diagnosed or reconfirmed within the last three years.

    • Documentation should include the professional credentials and signature of the evaluator.

Based on the documentation received, Helias Catholic will determine if accommodations are warranted and/or what accommodations can be supported through the Accommodations Department.

The Diocese of Jefferson City does not recognize 504 plans. Families of students currently on a 504 plan should meet with Mrs. Elizabeth Twyman, director of the Student Success Center, to discuss potential supports and accommodations.