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Spirit of Excellence


Practicing faith in action through acts of service is essential to the mission of Helias Catholic.

Every Helias Catholic student will have performed at least 50 hours of community service to nonprofit agencies that uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church by the end of their first semester of senior year.

Students use the MobileServe app to log, track and verify service hours. This database can be accessed via app or website. Click here to log in to Helias Catholic’s MobileServe app, and click here for instructions on how to use MobileServe. Verification of service hours completed must be submitted by the end of each academic year.

Mission Trips

Mission trips offer opportunities to serve in a community outside of our own.

Helias Catholic Campus Ministry currently facilitates two mission trips during the school year.

Fall Mission Trip: Students travel to Kansas City, Missouri, in March for a 3.5-day mission trip to work with organizations including Operation Uplift, the Franciscans of the Poor of Jesus Christ, Harvesters and Jerusalem Farm to serve people experiencing homelessness in the community. 

Spring Mission Trip: Students travel to South Bend, Indiana, in January for a four-day mission trip to work with local nonprofit agencies to serve people experiencing homelessness or otherwise in a time of hardship.

Contact Mr. Zachary Rockers, director of campus ministry, for more information about Helias Catholic’s mission trip opportunities.