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Annual Helias Booster BBQ!
We would like to invite everyone to come and enjoy and evening with family and friends as we kickoff the 2014-2015 school year by celebrating the “Annual Helias Catholic Booster BBQ.”

This year we will have free activities outside for the kids, school tours, and a viewing of our newly renovated Rackers Fieldhouse. Grab your neighbor and friends and enjoy fellowship with awesome bbq and fun!

WHEN: Wednesday, August, 6th 2014, 4:30– 7:30pm

BBQ TICKETS - click here to purchase online
$10 Adults
$5 Ages 6-12
Free– Children Under 5

Enrollment Form 2014

Camp Algebra, FREE
When: July 21 - July 25 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Where: Helias Catholic High School
Overall Objectives and Practices: We plan to reinforce major concepts of Algebra with the hopes that when the next school year starts these concepts will be fresh in the student’s mind. At the end of every day we will give each student a worksheet and a review sheet with a summary of what was done that day. It will contain related problems including ACT questions. The following day we will answer questions and review the worksheet before starting new concepts.
• Solving and graphing linear equations
• Parallel and perpendicular lines
• Multiplying and dividing monomials
• Factoring polynomials
• The quadratic equation and quadratic formula
• Solving word problems and ACT questions
Camp Leader: Thomas Asmar, Senior of Helias Catholic High School
Supervisor: Nakhle Asmar, Professor of Mathematics at University of Missouri
To register please email us at asmarn@missouri.edu or call us at 573-673-0567.
The camp is free.

Helias Catholic High School, a coeducational school of 700 students in the Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri is accepting applications for a part-time Chemistry instructor. Call Sister Jean if interested 573-635-6139.
In order to better serve our parents and students we will be utilizing Smart Tuition for financial aid and tuition payments. Please visit the sites to see how simple, discrete, and effective this solution is for anyone to apply for financial aid and pay for tuition. Should you have any questions please contact the Business Office. 635-6139
To pay for tuition visit: https://www.enrollwithsmart.com/ 
To apply for financial aid visit: http://www.smarttuitionaid.com/

Athletic Summer Camp Registration Information, 2014
Please fill out a form for each camper and return it to the business office.
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